The MARINEPLAN website is motivated by the phenomenon of the international spread of new maritime policies and planning initiatives. This process began with the Green Paper (2006) in the European Union and in Spain with Law 41/2010 on the protection of the marine environment, which transposes the Directive on Marine Strategy (2008) into national law.


The spread to the marine environment of new public policies and planning initiatives requires having a broad information base both on the marine environment itself and on the activities and uses that occur there. The production of databases and the preparation of information materials, basically cartographic documents, is the task that we have been undertaking in recent years through European, national and regional projects.


MARINEPLAN integrates different findings and products of this academic activity and so provides access to materials that can be of use to public managers and researchers. The cartographic documents play a major role with the inclusion of a viewer that enables the large amount of cartography produced to be accessed and used dynamically.


An atlas of maritime spatial planning

Last version october 2011

Atlas of the European Seas and Oceans

English version available

Jurisdictional waters in the Mediterranean and Black Seas

Versions in English, Spanish, French, Italian and German

UNEP/PAP/RAC. Report on Spatial Planning Systems. Spain.

English version available

Maritime geopolitical scenarios

Files .kml (Google Earth). Marine zonification in relation with institutions and planning areas.